Pasta is the basic element of Italian culinary tradition. It’s a complete, fast, healthy and tasty meal.

It’s included every day in the diets, it’s possible to eat both for lunch and dinner, especially the stuffed one because it is a complete feed. (Dr. Sara Giraudi, founder ZenDIET)

The main ingredient of pasta is its taste. It’s obtained by choice of raw materials, by their combination and by passion and love with which are processed. (Carlo Nardo, co-founder and operation director Pasta & Company)

Near Turin, a family has been producing fresh stuffed pasta for twenty years paying attention to raw materials and using a innovative method of distribution that rediscovers the local markets.

Market means aggregation of people, exchange of immediate ideas, human contact with who is selling sometihng. In a medium market there are two hundred operators, two hundred entrepreneurs who everyday try to sell a product. There is therefore an energy that large distribution cannot have. (Aleandro Girardi, co-founder, commercial & sales director Pasta & Company)

In the last years the abuse of pasta and the high caloric intake have led to the demonization of this kind of this food regarding the nutritional level.

Stuffed pasta is a complete meal that can be eaten every day. It’s important however to vary, that means not to eat what we had the day before. This is a rule that is given to patients in nutritional studies.(Dr. Sara Giraudi, founder ZenDIET)

Quality raw materials combined with various type of pasta give a complete and fast meal, but what ingredients can be used to make a good dish?

Pasta can be combined with all macronutrients, that is all type of sauces. Above all with stuffed pasta a light dressing is recommended, oil or butter for example and vegetables. An agnolotto with meat and vegetables can be combined with greens. While an agnolotto with ricotta and spinach can be cooked with an animal proteic sauce, but regarding the digestive level it’s advisable to use vegetables. (Dr. Sara Giraudi, founder ZenDIET)


Fresh pasta is nutrient and tasty but also is a simple and fast meal to cook. A mum has to think about cooking a menu every day with a pasta that has a very quick cooking… In just three minutes she must have a lunch. (Aleandro Girardi, co-founder, commercial & sales director Pasta & Company)

How is important to eat well and with tasty in our life?

Tasty is very important on psychological level because if you eat with pleasure you live well and you are happy. Pasta & Company produces different type of pasta respecting Piedmontese tradition. They produce tagliolini made completely with Italian flour, called Senatore Cappelli, semi-integral type 1 and not refined. Then there are the agnolotti, with the classic Piedmontese style and the “Agnolottino del Plin” made with a mold that reproduces the authentic traditional agnolotto. (Carlo Nardo, co-founder and operation director Pasta & Company)


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