Vita Collection has been designed by Karim Rashid and it’s interesting for its modern and versatile design. Faucets, mixers and showers and their essential and original design, are able to fit in a wide variety of interiors, defining their presence without invading the scene and keeping their identity.

The mixer collection has a tree-like design, soft lines and a pop style. The range of colors is very wide, from chromium to a rich pop-like variety.

A LIFE (this is what VITA means in italian) for any bathroom, we may say.

VITA COLLECTION is the perfect union between KARIM RASHID’S contemporary design and CISAL’S  worldwide acknowledged quality and technology.

The VITA faucet uses just 4 liters of water per minute and the easy-to-use thermostatic showers grant a constant temperature, thus sparing 22 thousand liters of water per year for just one family.

A contribution to environment, energy saving and safety, since the system prevents unexpected burns.

Karim Rashid is an international designer and actively cooperates with CISAL, world leader in Made in Italy.

From his collaboration with CISAL matter, shape and its relationship with the object itself have emerged, in a sort of countertrend of these last years.

“My first CISAL collection, Kawa, was strong and geometrical – designer Karim Rashid said – for VITA Collection I wanted to recreate softer shapes, intuitive and organic. The silhouette of a branch or a bamboo is a contemporary design form and a natural shape at the same time and looks like it’s growing from the basin. The long neck communicates to all five senses, and when you touch it you feel nature and comfort”.

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